• 2022-07-27 15:56:16

The project entails to prevent perineal floods in Odaw channel and Korle Lagoon by taking up dredging and other associated works. On 3rd June 2015, severe loss of life and property occurred due to unfortunate incident of flooding and accompanied fire. On urgent basis, dredgers and other equipment and dredging professionals were mobilized from abroad and dredging works started in December 2015. Contract is for a period of 2 years and extendable under certain circumstances.

The project has two major components viz dredging and non-dredging components.

The scope of the project included the desilting and refuse removal in the Odaw channel, Odaw channel banks beautification, Korle lagoon dredging, Korle lagoon banks beautification, Analysis and restoration of KLERP, Restoration of the existing stone jetty with the objective of Reduction in flooding within the Lagoon catchment area, Increase in the population of marine life in the Lagoon, Improvement in the water quality of the Lagoon, Improvement in the general sanitary conditions of the Lagoon’s environs resulting in an increase in the land use potential of the area, Protection and beautifications of the Lagoon environs, Landscaping (Considering Parking, Lighting and security), Protection of the banks of the canal and the Lagoon and Redesign and Construction of Breakwater and KLERP interceptor.

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