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Our Strategic Framework
Exploring Our Strategic Framework

Sustainable Growth
And Human Excellence

Our strategy is elaborated in our three-year business plan. Following a thorough review of our markets and business lines, a new Corporate Business Plan was formulated early 2020 for the period 2020-2022. Based on three strategic pillars - Focus, Sustainable Growth and Human Excellence - this plan addresses current and anticipated developments in our global business environment..

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Sustainable Dredging Solutions...

Our Purpose

We create and protect welfare and advance the energy transition.


Our Mission

We strive to be the leading dredging and marine contracting experts, creating new horizons for all our stakeholders. .


Our Strategic Pillars

In light of the market outlook the strategic course for the coming period is based on three strategic pillars: Focus, Sustainable Growth and Human Excellence.


Our Framework

The Dredge Masters strategy is a logical progression from our purpose and mission. .


In cases where the sea bottom is exceptionally hard, we offer the option of fragmenting underwater rock layers with explosives. This method is known as drilling and blasting. We remove hard rock for infrastructure projects, for example when dredging port access channels, digging trenches for pipelines and cables, or constructing quays


Delta regions are at risk being flooded, not only by the sea but also by rivers. Dikes and embankments were invented to protect the land against the water. That is why we have ample experience in constructing and maintaining dikes, breakwaters, quay walls and various types of shore and bank protection

Sustainable Dredging Solutions...
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