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DML also undertakes the large Sea defence and Coastal Protection Projects.

DML also undertakes the Capital Dredging of Harbours and Ports and off- shore projects for Oil and Gas Industry, and specialized Environmental Dredging Projects

he other expertise of DML lies in undertaking specialized Civil Engineering Projects, Marine and topographic Surveys, Geo-tech studies, Enviornmental Impact assessment Studies (EIA) and Project Management.

Capital Dredging

Through Capital dredging activities, Dredge Masters aims to improve sea transport and trade by the deepening of waterways in order to allow large vessels access port areas. We remove and relocate natural undisturbed seabed to increase water depth for shipping channels, swing basins and berth pockets. This is carried out in a environmentally friendly way.

Maintenance Dredging

Once capital dredging project is completed, the need to maintain the works that have been completed should not be underestimated. Construction and extension of port and access channels is not the end of the process. Following the deposition of sediments in the access channels and harbor basins, it may become shallow over a period of time thus limiting sizes of vessels coming in and affecting trade.

Dam and Reservoir Dredging

A large majority of Dams and Reservoirs are heavily silted and thus have lost significant capacity to store Water and thus causing draught/ shortage of Water in Dry seasons and resulting in floods in the times of heavy rains. DML has state of art Cutter Suction Dredgers and other Equipment to restore the capacity of dams.

Environmental Dredging

DML is an experienced Contractor for specialized environmental projects and has an impeccable track record for the same.

Flood Control, Urban Drainage and Lagoon Dredging

DML has vast experience and Fleet for Dredging of lagoons , Rivers and Urban Drainage in order to tackle the problem of siltation, pollution and Floods.

Sea Defense

Dredge Masters Limited is also known for coastal protection. Our main objective is to protect and stabilize the coastline to protect life and property as well as sustain bio-diversity along the costline.

Marine and other specialized Civil Works

DML specializes in marine civil works such as construction of storm water drains, bridges, dykes, and quay walls. We also carry out geotechnical studies and other survey works associated with the civil works. DML has recently diversified in Construction of Engineered Landfills, Large Drain Construction Projects and Engineered Waste Management Plants.

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